Dollar fell sharply

Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso: U.S. dropped on Japan's economy adversely
Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso (AsoTaro) Thursday on the Japanese Diet Budget Committee, said the dollar plummeted will adversely affect the Japanese economy, Japan will continue to support the dollar's important international status.

Taro Aso, said that at present there is no money to replace the dollar in an important position, Japan will support the U.S. dollar as the central task of the international financial system.

Since the end of Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|August last year, the dollar / yen exchange rate dropped to 110.00 at the time the top of the current fell to around 94.50 and December 17 last year hit 87.12 in July 1995 the lowest level since it out to Japan  

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