Test of the financial crisis

"In the face Oil Painting wholesale|ornament Oil Painting|of the financial crisis in the test, China's income distribution system reform should have contingency measures should also consider the long-term development, we should grasp with both hands." This is the NPC Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, the Chinese Society of Hua Fuzhou labor in the "2009 (sixth) pay the management of high-level forum, "the important ideas put forward.

The two-day forum on May 14 was held in Guangzhou from the Human Resources and Social Security Research Institute of wages, "professional" magazine and the Institute of Labor organized jointly pay a professional. National Human Resources and Social Security, the Guangdong Provincial Government and other parties concerned officials and personnel from the Institute of Science and Technology of China, China People's University, Capital University of Economics and experts and scholars, as well as enterprises and institutions around the high-level human resources management, focusing on " challenges and opportunities - under the influence of the financial crisis in the income distribution system reform in China, "the theme of the seminar.

Hua Zhou noted that China's economic and social development in the history of a rare withstood the test of the major challenges and in 2008, the income distribution system reform and steady progress. In 2008, the national average wage of workers in the post up to 29,229 yuan, representing 17.2 percent growth in 2007. Of urban residents per capita disposable income of 15,781 yuan, rural per capita net income 4761 yuan, respectively, the actual growth of 8.4% and 8%. Retirement pensions business grew 110 per capita per month, overall strengthening of urban and rural residents, the minimum living security system, aid the number of people reached 66.19 million. Increase in a timely manner to low-income groups and college students living subsidies, substantial increase in the focus of standards entitled groups compassionate treatment.

Hua Fuzhou, said the financial crisis on the income distribution system reform and a huge challenge. First, raise the "two proportions" are more difficult; Second, the rights and interests of workers remuneration increased risk; Third, the inequitable distribution of income brought about by the more prominent contradictions; Fourth, the distribution of national regulations and policies related to the development and introduction of the band to adverse effects. 2008, "Labor Contract Law", "workers paid annual leaveAluminium Powder regulations" such as promulgated and implemented a series of laws and regulations. "Wage Bill", "increases in wages in the ordinary mechanism" and "institutions approach the performance of wages" and other documents have been completed and the preliminary research. Due to the impact of financial crisis, have been implemented in the practical implementation of laws and regulations by a number of impact levels will be promulgated and implemented the policy document also encountered adverse timing out. These are national regulations and policies to improve income distribution, income distribution norms of order and rationalize the distribution of incomes brought about some negative impact.

Hua Zhou stressed that the international financial crisis to the Chinese economy a serious impact and influence, the next step of the income distribution reform should proceed in two ways, namely, to cope with the international financial crisis on the one hand, the impact and challenges, to take emergency measures, resolve the current problems, to tide over the crisis; On the other hand, and constraints affecting the area of income distribution in China contradictions and problems that exist, the system sort out, analyze the causes and clear ideas, put forward measures to address the financial crisis in the process of deepening the reform of the income distribution system .  

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