Appreciation "taste of summer."

When we face an array of articles into the forum, the first thing your eyes what is it? Yes! His friend guessed, of course, is the subject of the article. When the "taste of summer" before my eyes, the moment they polish my eyes, can not help but want to explore what happens in the summer taste of what it? When we walked poetic spring, spring flowers over products, listening to the spring of Yingge, feel the breath of spring, the taste of summer which is the kind of attitude do bloom in front of us? Hush, please follow the author's soul close to me, listen ... ...
Gently turn the page the summer, an upsurge of spewing out the same and let the author's mood by the warmth of spring into the summer irritable. This mood change so that we know the summer season of life inherent in the background. With the hot thoughts, the author witnessed things, give us a family experience. Because the hot, because the breeze, but also reflects the warmth of affection. In the author's intimate memories so that we smell a natural, simple taste of home. The mother's care, there are brothers and sisters of friendship, seemingly ordinary things, gave us a moving. From the simple rustic share, from something natural, easy-going family. In this memory of authors reflects the noble quality, can product the author is a loving family man, is a treasure and grateful people.
Then the third paragraph, the author describes with delicate pen and ink by his own thinking, think. Summer, after all, is come, with a scorching breath and slowly immersed in people's hearts. Author will bring a feeling of helplessness into the nature, feel the atmosphere in the summer, an inexplicable thoughts arose spontaneously; spring, really gone? Really out of our sight it? Why everything in nature is the highlight of the summer's breath? Is so irritating, is so hot. Slowly walk, walk, a ray of light breeze blowing atrium, they feel a little refreshing. Could not help the helpless into the hearts sigh; spring, really out of my sight, or my heart so why give up? In such emotional factors make us feel the author who is also a nostalgia. Although aware of the spring is gone, his heart was filled with regret. Such feelings people may feel respected. A nostalgia for people, whether friends or relatives, will have a bear of the complex. The authors of this complex will bring, and we gain more of a warm!
Summer came, and thus open the author's thoughts, the memories gradually start some childhood pictures will be after another. You listen, the voice of the summer, the cicadas singing, wing vibration in the mantis, you see, summer colors, the butterflies flying figure, in the partnership game atmosphere. In memory of this period, the authors describe, comment, lyrical tightly integrated. Description of the colors pure and sweet, language, natural, warm, full and sincere lyrical, read what this charm, will be floating on my face smile. The author's childhood interesting branded in my mind, with the description of the scenery with the author, my eyes as if there is a clumsy boy walking in the darkness, would form the muzzled I can not help but laugh. In the childhood memories, I think the author is happy and warm heart. After all, relatively adults, only in the carefree childhood is life's most precious gift. We are never going into the adult share of childhood innocence and carefree atmosphere. The cruel reality, secular culture, and adult years in the suffering of the time, already polished our hearts heavy. Wings of our hearts to bear too much hardship because of worry and heavy, weak.
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