Memories are always so beautiful, just like this season of spring through the same, however, must be summer all year round in the spring, as well as autumn and cold winter. Likewise, our lives have childhood, have grown, but also middle age and old age. Each period of growth after years of all have different things and people. Whether it is the beauty of spring, or summer heat, are indispensable to life scene. Throughout the year here with the author to tell us a replacement, let us realize seasons when the recollections of products their life histories. No one's life is the spring, will be the same as the spring sun was shining bright and brilliant. These brilliant years as our childhood. As a person, an ordinary life, we came from a carefree childhood, after suffering years of those who will eventually settling in our lives. The taste of summer, as our indispensable to life a scene. Whether it was a long hot he could feel the cool breeze, that we must experience. Author's taste in the product in the summer out of summer, do not you think so much hot, as long as your heart to listen, to sentiment. Eventually you will find, oh, the taste of summer have Kuse and sweet, were originally living in the two and a half, people who bear the heavy Kuse, while also reaping the rain comes the sweet.
Finally, the author's attention to stay in an old tree stump next to those grass, wild flowers, the temptation to the author's innocence, could not help to kick their feet stumps, some sort of subtle fragrance will be floating in the sky, whether it is in the hands of fans to the fan, or let the wind blowing, are indelible taste. What is that smell? Yes, letting you guessed it, that is the taste of summer. One kind in any form is indelible mark on the season, it always remain in our minds.
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