Throughout this

Throughout this article the author describes a summer full of ink in the process, in this atmosphere where the author gives us a show of childhood memories, the friendship between relatives, and a summer in the recollections from the philosophy. Known for writing beautiful, simple and sincere language, context distinct and clear. The taste of summer to restore the true life, narrowing the distance between our hearts, in the ordinary life of a life of heavy goods, the atmosphere. Author spiritual tone like one pair of colorful wings, coated with light to the summer season, sparking life in our glittering sheen. So we crossed the spring with bright, over in the summer heat, perception of life, to experience the true meaning of life. Throughout this article the author realized product knowledgeable, precise observation, experience a deep, easy road to a leisurely thoughts, reading to feel at home. Taste of summer is a spiritual movement, the text of the life experience of people deep Kai, is a timeless picture of years!
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