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Today our life around, around intelligent devices, smart home appliances are popular in recent years, all the big electronics manufacturers competing to occupy the market. On in Qian days, Microsoft and out do has Thunder, from Microsoft Research public of latest research project HomeOS, to whole family shake body into a OS operating system, launched designed belongs to family smart operation application of HomeStore, through attracted developers were developed various family equipment smart management application, makes user can in computer or smart phone Shang heart download need of App, achieved with phone software to family equipment for smart management. So far, the reaction of the market seems to be unanimously applauded. Microsoft's "future family" do dreams really getting closer?

Microsoft planning special operating systems for smart home HomeOS

Microsoft planning special operating systems for smart home HomeOS

In this week's Microsoft annual staff Summit, Microsoft Research ArjmandSamuel researchers from inside and outside the company announced this to a "Lab" software. He believes that this is necessary, because home automation installation and integration of the equipment running for ordinary people, have difficulty, which has hindered the development of new technologies. "The IOT Lab" software "reduces deployment obstacles in the connected home field research," he explains, home automation systems combine multiple types of sensors and other equipment are usually small and short-lived, researchers and volunteers willing to experiment in their own homes, is very inconvenient.

Help hope home automation or to enhance home automation provides a common platform for consumer technology, Samuel said, researchers are experimenting with new ideas and create a home automation applications. IOT lab is named phrase things, refers to inanimate objects and devices will start works on the Internet. This project was created in the earlier Microsoft research known as HomeOS package on the basis of, referring to the Institute through the use of the software outside of the project implementation, including consumer electronics and mobile applications in gesture control configuration features such as home automation equipment. This "Lab" software can be purchased from the project home page, installed on a home computer, then you can automatically detect home automation devices in the same network.mobile dvr
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